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This site is now developed and works under internet explorer and I have finally got it working under Firefox, Opera is proving more of a challenge but I will get there

Try the canal walk - you can now walk though the tunnel

New walks will be added as soon asI can upload them.

The walkham valley and Drakes leat will br put up very soon/
Burator is in the process of being photographed  and the Oakel tor walk just needs finishing

Due to the speed of the internet, the photo's on this site  are of the lowest quality possible to load as quickly as possible.

Coming soon - Order a CD of your favourite walk with high quality photo's for just  9.99 +pp 

The Interface

If the keyhole appears you can enter the house or shop or whatever
  If this apears you may enter and explore

The clock appears when an old photo of the current view is available

If this appears you can go back in time - click again for the present view

Use these arrows to move around
If a direction is not available the arrow will not appear
Move Forward
Move forward and to the left              Move Forward and to the Right
Move Left       Turn Left Turn Right       Move Right
Move Back and to the left              Move Back and to the Right
Move Backwards

  Use the map to move to another part of the walk
Display  the Map

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